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EDI Integration

EDI Integration
  • Are you using Small Business ERP or Finicial System? If the answer to that is yes, then we have EDI solution for you. We can integrate with those ERP system and we are extremely flexible to do any type of customize programming in order to meet your specific needs and start your EDI experience.
  • We can also connect to any Accounting Software/Package, ERP Package and any other software that you might be using for your business. After the integration process we will start doing some testing to see that all the EDI transactions that we sent to your accounting package actually went through and you can see it and that all the EDI transactions that you sent out from your accounting package went through and that the EDI file is valid and that we can move forward and send that file out. Incase of an error we will let you know, our validation process goes through every EDI transaction document and make sure that it does follow up the standard and version requirements.
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If you need resources that we cannot supply we would be happy to recommend agencies that specialise in finding EDI resources. This is important as they have specialist EDI desks with knowledge of the EDI resource pool and products.