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  • Success starts with a solid base: the right people. Are Looking to expand your business? Do you have a new project in mind? Are you integrating systems? Caltech Commerce has helped clients address their permanent and staff augmentation needs since 1994. Our experienced staff has a specific area of focus, and we have selected IT professionals in the field od EDI and eCommerce . As a result, we have the expertise and resources to handpick qualified applicants for your opportunities - with unmatched turnaround time. We go beyond just identifying and placing a candidate.
Contract Staffing
  • The contract option is a perfect 'on demand' solution that offers you technical talent only when you need it. Companies rely on a proven, trusted partner to give them the flexibility to effortlessly add or remove resources. As new initiatives start, a current staff member leaves or becomes unavailable, Caltech Commerce is there to provide the necessary technical resources to insure uninterrupted success. As projects are completed and initiatives end, Caltech Commerce handles the termination details so you don't have to. With the contract option, Caltech Commerce and the company agree on an hourly bill rate and an expected duration. Once the contract begins, we handle all human resource tasks including payroll creation and disbursement, payroll tax withholding, state and federal reporting requirements, employer related administration and employee training or discipline. Caltech Commerce works with the best and the brightest contract professionals across the United States. We've had great success in providing qualified candidates with precise skill sets to clients regardless of geographic location. To learn more please contact us or call 877 EDI 4 YOU (334-4968)
Contract to Direct
  • The contract to direct option is very similar to Contract Staffing Services with the exception that a company can hire the Caltech Commerce consultant as a full-time, direct employee at some point. Contract to direct services give you the ability to assess the consultant's overall technical performance and personality fit prior to making a formal offer of employment. With this option, Caltech Commerce and the company agree on an hourly bill rate for the Contract period, a tentative employee conversion date, and a conversion fee schedule. Many companies with long range plans view this as a perfect way to 'try before you buy'. To learn more please contact us or call 877 EDI 4 YOU (334-4968)
Direct Hire Placement
  • The direct hire option gives companies the ability to immediately hire Caltech Commerce Consultants as full-time, internal employees. We verify their experience, skills and personality meet your goals and only represent candidates where there is a strong match. With this service, Caltech Commerce and the company agree on the terms of the direct hire placement which typically includes the fee percentage and a pro-rated guarantee provision. Who are the best people to fill your positions? Often times, the best candidate is the professional who already works elsewhere. We can reach those passive candidates. We've built long-term relationships and our dedication to candidates and clients is unmatched. Our experience allows us to match candidates and companies based on technology, culture and environment. We care about what's important to candidate and client alike. If you have the right opportunity, they'll be happy to hear about it from us. To learn more please contact us or call 877 EDI 4 YOU (334-4968)
Customized Recruiting Campaigns
  • The bottom line to our customized recruiting campaign option is ensuring qualified candidates for an upcoming initiative. We ensure that you never waste valuable time evaluating a candidate that is not qualified. Most companies are short on time and internal resources so can't afford a surge of unqualified resumes and don't have the luxury to create a pool of hand-selected and reference checked candidates. This approach uses flexible teams which are assigned appropriately to each recruiting project. Caltech Commerce and the company agree to an exclusive placement arrangement and/or a fee for service. To learn more please contact us or call 877 EDI 4 YOU (334-4968)
Project Team Staffing
  • Caltech Commerce can provide superior staff augmentation service but also offers a Project Service option. In the past 14 years, we have developed deep experience helping businesses and institutions define and implement enterprise IT solutions. Our Project Services address a variety of common IT infrastructure, development and maintenance challenges by combining our ability to deploy the right technical talent with our specialized project management expertise. Our approach involves experienced Program and Project Managers, Solution Architects and Project Coordinators working in unison to deliver the results you expect without having to handle the day to day details. This option, when combined with our contract labor expertise, delivers high quality, consistent, repeatable results at a competitive cost. To learn more please contact us or call 877 EDI 4 YOU (334-4968)
Payroll Services
  • Caltech Commerce Payroll Service option is a perfect solution for companies that need technical resources internally and may have even identified candidates but lack the ability or desire to manage payroll generation and distribution, payroll tax withholding, state and federal reporting requirements and other employer related administration. With this option, Caltech Commerce and the company simply agree upon an hourly, corporate to corporate bill rate and then we handle the rest. To learn more please contact us or call 877 EDI 4 YOU (334-4968)
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