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Caltech Commerce has helped clients address their permanent and contract/ consulting staffing needs. Our experienced recruiters each have a specific area of focus, and we maintain the large database of EDI, EAI, IT, GIS, ERP and ecommerce professionals. As a result, we have the experienced resources for your opportunities - with a very short responce time. While we made our name in EDI Consulting, we are now pleased to offer general IT staffing as a natural extension of our business. Our full range of staffing services includes:

  • EDI staffing
  • EAI staffing
  • IT staffing
  • GIS staffing
  • ERP staffing
  • Ecommerce staffing
Permanent Staffing
  • We offer permanent Staffing solutions for your EDI jobs, EAI jobs, IT jobs, GIS jobs, ERP jobs or ecommerce jobs. Often times, it's those professionals who already work elsewhere. The most effective way to reach these talented passive candidates is through Caltech Commerce. We've built long-term relationships with the individuals in our database. If you have the right opportunity, they'll be happy to hear about it from us.
  • To learn more please contact us or call 877 EDI.4.YOU (334-4968)
Contract Staffing
  • Caltech Commerce works with the best and the brightest contract professionals across the United States. We've had great success in providing qualified candidates with precise skill sets to clients regardless of geographic location.
  • To learn more please contact us or call 877 EDI 4 YOU (334-4968)
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If you need resources that we cannot supply we would be happy to recommend agencies that specialise in finding EDI resources. This is important as they have specialist EDI desks with knowledge of the EDI resource pool and products.