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About Caltech Commerce

About Caltech Commerce

  • Caltech Commerce Solutions is a value added technology consulting and professional services firm, formed to provide affordable EDI solutions and expert EDI advice to companies of all sizes. It was founded as an entrepreneurial drive to help our clients complete their EDI implementation effectively at minimal costs.

    Our mission is to become a trusted partner and a key decision maker in helping our client's business to be more successful.

    Caltech believes in supporting all their clients EDI needs and gradually transferring knowledge to the internal staff of our clients so as to make them independent and capable of handling all their EDI needs locally. Caltech then provides only consulting services for troubleshooting and support. This allows us to build and sustain a specialized group of deep skilled consultants with expert knowledge to provide the highest level of client services.

    Our services are available to all businesses, including IT organizations who are faced with new challenges. Our consultants are certified and have extensive experience designing, deploying and developing IT infrastructure. Caltech is a strategic partner of sterling where our pool of employees are on a regular basis working on sterling projects. This gives us an edge over other companies providing solutions using sterling products. We have worked more closely with the product and also have more expertise and have resources who have worked on projects to customize these products to match the requirements of our clients.

    We are staffed with a unique team of people who will offer you a no-nonsense approach to service. And with the majority of our employees on site, we have the ability to interact and communicate. Your needs are discussed among a team of experts, who strive to deliver quick and exceptional responses. Your questions will be met with clear and knowledgeable answers by highly trained technicians.

    In addition, the variety of EDI experiences held by each team member adds to our ability to access your needs and overcome your obstacles. If your needs require a custom solution, we have the capability to create it.

    We create a successful EDI environment by working closely with your staff, understanding your requirements and communicating with your trading partners to complete the EDI process.

    We provide different models for services based on individual company requirements using our onshore and offshore consultants. Caltech has expertise across many industry verticals, including logistics, consumer products, food & beverage and automotive/manufacturing. This enables them to understand individual customer requirements and implement projects successfully and effectively. Our response time for Production issues is one of the fastest in the industry.

    We also train your IT team so as to transfer knowledge gradually to your company providing an independent local trained staff available. Caltech always remains available to offer support and consultancy services in future if required.

  • To learn more please contact us or call 877 EDI 4 YOU (334-4968) | EDI Tech Corner
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If you need resources that we cannot supply we would be happy to recommend agencies that specialise in finding EDI resources. This is important as they have specialist EDI desks with knowledge of the EDI resource pool and products.