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A Value-Based Operating Philosophy
Our fundamental business strategy is building long-term client relationships. With extensive industry experience, we have attracted and retained clients by providing superior customer value-in fact, over 50 percent of our work is repeat business from loyal clients. This strategy yields cost advantages, profits, and growth for us, allowing us to also attract and retain investors and thus fuel further growth. The combination of a loyal client base and steady growth enables us to attract and retain the industry's top talent. As a result of this sound business strategy, we are prospering in diverse markets, worldwide. Retaining quality people is more important than recruiting them. Which is why at Caltech Commerce, we continually review our benefits and incentive programs to ensure that they remain in line with the core values of the company. Our novel traditions have helped us draw and retain some of the very best people in this industry.
Career Growth & Training
  • We believe in continuous training and upgrading to help our people stay ahead of the technology curve and work towards their career growth. As a part of our Continuous Skills Upgrading and Training program, we fully sponsor all approved training and certification courses, while our internal training programs are free for all.
Relocation Plans
  • Moving is a part of our lives and more so in IT services. Whether it's domestic or international, we have great relocation plans to help our people relocate as easily and smoothly as possible

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If you need resources that we cannot supply we would be happy to recommend agencies that specialise in finding EDI resources. This is important as they have specialist EDI desks with knowledge of the EDI resource pool and products.